My Writing

You may notice that not a lot has been published on this blog for a while. That’s because sometimes people pay me to write things these days! Here is a selection of my work:

For The Guardian

A Moment That Changed Me: Discovering I was Allergic to Sunlight

For the Telegraph:

Thank God Chris Moyles the Archbishop of Banterbury is Back

Top Women Footballers Are Demanding Equal Pay and it’s in All of Our Interests to Support Their Fight

For Broadly:

The Often Misdiagnosed Disease that Feels Like Your Junk is on Fire

Shrinks Who Kink: When You and Your Therapist Love BDSM

Set Phasers to Stunning: The Intergalactic World of Star Trek Dating

The Formula For Forgiving Your Terrible Ex

For The Toast:

If Sarah Paulson Were Your Girlfriend

For The Hairpin:

It Will Be A Low Key Affair

Alternative (Unsexy) Halloween Costumes

For Vice:

I Slept With My School Teacher and the Aftermath Was Terrible

Does Pornhub’s Porn For The Blind Actually Work?

How Trans Performers Are Making Punchlines Less Cis

This Is What It’s Like Not to be Able to Visualise Anything

I’m Literally Allergic to Sunlight

For McSweeneys:

Welcome to Your New Sadvent Calendar

For How We Get To Next:

Is Gender Segregation in Sports Necessary?

For After Ellen:

The Four Apps That Will Help You Through Your Break Up

6 Reasons Straight Girls Date Lesbians

5 Super Awkward Situations Every Queer Woman Has Been In

The BBC’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream Give Lesbians a Happy Ending

15 Ways to Cope When Your Friends Still Hang Out With Your Terrible Ex

How To Explain Lesbian Sex to the Idiots Who Ask

For Standard Issue Magazine:

Just Shy

Binging: Hannibal

Your Friendly Guide to a Colonscopy

My Queeroes

All Hail the Goddess Brunch

What’s Worse Than Heartbreak? Feeling Nothing.

Dry January

Getting to Know You: Alice Sanders

Leonard Cohen: Rest in Peace Old Friend

For White Noise:

Following Fabric Journeys

For Ideastap:

How To Lose Your Edinburgh Fringe Virginity and Stay Sane

How Manual Labour Can Make You More Creative

For Holdfast Magazine:

The Fantasy Shark

You can also find my work in print magazines Diva and Oh Comely and on the website She Does The City.

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